The Happy Fats Inspiration...

We needed to find a satisfying, nourishing and easy snack for outdoor adventures, rush-hour traffic commutes, bagged lunches and so on.  

The snack had to be tasty in any weather conditions, sustainably-sourced, light, convenient and last for up to six months. 

Well, we made it! And we are excited to share it with you. It’s gluten-free, paleo, keto, and vegan but more importantly, it’s delicious. Even kids love it.

We didn't want to just start a food business, We wanted to start a health consciousness movement with a responsible company that gives back. Children's nutrition is one of our passions and Happy Fats is a gateway to supporting children's nutrition far and wide.

We have big dreams and that is to support children's nutrition worldwide, one nut butter pouch at a time. For every box of ten that we sell we give one.

Help us make a difference!

With love the Happy Fats Team